Mystery/Thriller Book Subscription Box

Escape into a thrilling newly released book and indulge in the extra fun goodies that go along with it. As a bonus there is a short story and mini-mystery (riddle) written by readers just like you.

How It Works

1. Select an option

You can choose an option that auto-renews every 1,3,6, or 12 months for the full box. Or A monthly book-only option. If you don't want it to renew select 'buy as gift'. 

2. Enjoy your box

Boxes ship out between the 23 - 25 of each month. Take pictures and videos to share on social media. Don't forget to tag us and use #BadAlibiUnboxing

3. Repeat

If you have a renewable subscription you will get to experience this all over again. If you made a one-time purchase hang out with us on Instagram. We have fun over there.  


The August book is about a thief who finds out about girls being murdered and becomes obsessed with finding out about the person behind it. When the killer starts striking close to the thief's home, the police start suspecting that the thief is behind it.  

This box will have great snacks for you to much on while enjoying this Crime Noir Thriller. 



Want to have your writing in Bad Alibi Book Box?

Each box includes a short story and a mini mystery. You can write both! We will choose one each month and add it into the box. Both should be completely written by you. The short story should be 350 words max and the mini mystery or riddle should be 150 words max and include the answer. You can submit here

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This podcast contains mystery, thriller, and horror fiction stories. Season 2 is up now and features fictional unsent letters from various characters. This podcast is written, produced and performed by the Owner of Bad Alibi Book Box



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